Firstly (and most importantly), we have proposed a new protagonist. No luck of the descendant Balboa, in “Rocky 5” by Sly himself the son he looked pale, and “Rocky Balboa” and in general it was clear that by the famous father, he just will not do. Another thing – the son of Apollo Creed twice enemy and best friend Rocky. The blood literally boils soldier in it, forcing to go into the fight and engage in battles Mexican, even though the chairman in his place and he could easily make a career, sitting at the table. For guys who are boxing to earn a piece of bread, he was a stranger, and a stranger just for professionals who see it as upstart who is trying to use the fame of his father. But Adonis enough tenacity and willpower to show everyone what he deserves – as they had enough of his time in Rocky.

Balboa At this time actress, although the on-screen time allotted it is quite possible to enroll as a second home – after all, all came to the cinema to see it, not to obscure Negro. And Stallone, remembering that among other things he is also an actor, makes a small miracle: the role is still not very smart, but pure and good mentor he was incredibly good. It seems that Sly and does nothing extraordinary and now even trying to swing his fists in the frame – and imagine someone else in his place possible. Although four other nominees for the “Oscar” in the category fulfilled their role, objectively speaking, the better the author of this review will be rooting for Sylvester – as well he did not play for a long time.

In the film there is a lot of good. The love interest (who has never been a strong point “rokkiady” except for the very first tape) by Tesy Thompson came unexpectedly interesting personality, well written and played. The fighting raised and taken off very fast and exciting, yet quite realistic, given the difference in weight and experience of athletes. Although the picture and lasts over two hours, reviewed it very easily, thanks to the well thought-out narrative pace and quality acting.
The seventh “Rocky”, he first “Creed” adequately does the job: the viewer with new characters, continuing the history which you want to see. It would be incredibly good to organize young Creed meeting (not necessarily in the ring, of course) with his father’s killer – Ivan Drago. Given that Lundgren plays consistently in all the “invincible”, this option does not seem improbable.

Kung Fu Panda 3

When the first two were in the box very well, we can expect the emergence of third. The problem with trikvelamy that surpass predecessor chances are even smaller than the sequel.

It happened this time. The second series was dynamic and vydovyschnishoyu the first, which is actually not surprising offered with best villain and spectacular battles. The third also went to the fore comedy, innocent but not that very funny. While the kids in the hall of Lviv “Planet Cinema” Shopping Centre “King Cross Leopolis” were directly opposite. They, of course, is the movie in the first place and designed, slightly older audience antics good and lovely, rightly so, pandochok (yes, this time of the frame much, much) quickly bored because there is uniform all the time repeated (some-Running gags can see at least half a dozen times). Spend half an hour in the company of cheerful animals is not so easy, despite the fact that the authors have added a little (but not enough) effort that they did not seem at all bratamy- and twin sister.

The villain was very good, quite sinister, with a long background and distinct fighting style – it simply relies on magic to a greater extent than is needed to show it really invincible fighter. Similarly, the battle scenes are not so much magic and they played a more significant role than we would like. However, they look very impressive, and indeed of the visual side of tape – a picture that is pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, this beauty is added to the minimum content: Hero is allegedly a scene and opens the way to new opportunities but its nature does not change – of course, what does it change if it is such a favorite with the public. The moral message of the picture is extremely simple, “piksarivskoyi” depth of it, of course, no one expected, but could at least throw something.

Summary: Film weaker than the previous part, but visually impressive, the kids will be happy, as all supporters of the fighter-Fat

The 5th Wave

And another grim dystopia in which boys and girls are saving the world from the threat of adults, which in any case can not believe. This time they do it even less interesting and persuasive than a half-dozen previous films of this extremely popular genre now.

The tape begins with a very effective plan aliens capture the Earth – though on special effects in scenes of destruction significantly saved. Then the plot is divided into two lines, which run parallel until they converge together near the end. The first describes the journey Casey, the girl who, after the death of parents is trying to track down a single loved one – the little brother. Sailor, known primarily for playing girl mstitelnitsy in “Pyptsyah” plays here an ordinary high school student who accidentally finds itself among the few who survived and is now trying to defend their planet or at least protect the family, so to turn around in terms of action it is not given. The role has been reduced to running around, several nezdalyh dialogues and many very funny surprised and frightened facial expressions – despite the fact that Chloe knows how to play.


The second line is associated with children, were taken to a military camp where they trained soldiers are doing because they are the last hope of humanity (it looks as stupid as it sounds). As the first line, it contains a so-called secret is calculated very easily and quickly, reducing to almost zero any voltage. But at least in this part of the film is Schreiber and Bell starring ruthless military and Mike Monroe as steep patsanky most interesting character pattern, which, unfortunately, are not given as much attention as almost helpless protagonist. Both contenders for the role of boyfriend Casey, her school love Ben (Nick Robinson) and mysterious casual acquaintance Evan (Alex Rowe), in their attempts to look cool and hot mostly laugh. A little more – and cross border tape or parody parody in the style of another “A movie …” and she does not do it just endless boredom that causes the view.


The result: a bad example of the kind of popular cinema, which involves actors wasting their opportunities, and the script contains all the possible cliches. Recommended except for those who loves “Divergent” and everything generated “Hungry games” and can not live without those tapes



Even wondering about that now can dream Jennifer Lawrence – at least as an actress. “Oscar” it has, like many other awards. One extremely profitable Kinoserial she is behind ( “The Hunger Games”), another extremely profitable it is still far from complete ( “X-Men”). She regularly recognize the hottest star of the planet. And the role of the “Joy” can be said, written especially for her – at least there is no doubt who is the tonic. And confirmed that its next “oskarivska” category – only for this film.


Allegedly, this is the story of Cinderella – a modest worker who barely make ends meet, thanks to the ingenuity, character and luck to some extent his way to fame and became queen of the business. Nuance, which we are told at the beginning, is that this Popelyushtsi Prince is not needed – generally, ex-husband lives in her home and sits on her neck, and when she meets a young successful beautiful, she sees it as only worthy business partner.

Joy must fight all the time. With routine life that sucks, causing the fall after work without power. With his own family, which only supports some, others unconsciously or very consciously with envy, she put a stick in the wheel. With the bias that prevails in society. And especially with experienced businessmen who saw her only think about how to dissolve, leaving with nothing. And Joy fights – stubbornly, with dignity, correcting their own and others mistakes, sometimes falling into despair and yet finding the strength to move on. Whatever you may say – role exactly for Lawrence, and she knows it, so it feels like a fish in water.


The downside is that along with all the other characters prima added up to more or less stereotypes. Including De Niro, for which the heroine’s father became just another, sometimes funny, sometimes capricious old – and there he recently beat many. Ramirez – former Joy who can charm a woman singing, but give it a happy cloudless life. Rossellini – bahatiyka that can be companionable with the middle class, but for my money invested is about perehryze throat. Cooper – a symbol of success for the heroine and the first step on the way to achieving it. And so on. And. Allegedly played all good, but no one not particularly memorable.


The tone of the narrative chosen somewhat uncertain – and not very dramatic, and not entirely a comedy, partly cynical and partly sentimental, even with scenes of appalling “soap operas” who loves mum Joy (without just could not do, although a certain sense they have). We can predict that the pattern supporters like Lawrence, which is so very much, but if not it a movie about a girl with a mop unlikely to vtrymalos afloat.

The Hateful Eight


Positive characters in Tarantino always a relative term. Perhaps the bride. Perhaps Shoshanna. Perhaps Django. And while they kill enemies without any doubt. Yet the director has not yet gathered personalities of the band in which nobody would claim to sympathy at all. This time he held this bold experiment, with quite successful results.


The first third of the movie very slowly the viewer with the characters. At best, they simply do not trust each other as two bounty hunters who share the coach makes the blizzard. Often the heroes each other wholeheartedly hate, like, one of the hunters and a criminal, which he carries to the gallows. Or another hunter, dark-skinned, and the new sheriff of the town from the south, convinced racist. The trip ends this four towns in the bar, where he will be all the remaining steps dovhenkoyi picture. From westerns in which the tape is nominally considered here, in fact, only the ability to quickly shoot characters. However, first we have deployed intense thriller where the characters play on the nerves of each other, and only a matter of time, who are the first to grab the weapon, and the classic detective story a la Agatha Christie – to the point where all the events will be put upside down and will interchange with lots of blood, ketchup very Tarantino-style.

If the frame there are people good or at least neutral, you can be sure – they will live very long. In the final eight is not much better, and yet they are interested director, their cynicism, anger, hatred. Veteran bounty hunting with real pleasure beats an elbow in his teeth polonyantsi at the earliest opportunity, poking fun at the same time; woman tries to respond to hate men even more than they did. Pretending to be peaceful travelers, bandits killed in cold owners and visitors to the institution, which has just friendly conversation. A dark-skinned war veteran in his hatred for the whites came to that prepared a detailed talk feeble old racists like tortured and killed his son. That name does not lie – all of them are not very nice people. But Quentin takes these poisonous spiders in a jar so energetically and emotionally, that observe them very interesting, despite the timing.


As for the acting, then, oddly enough, typically tarantinivski Madsen mouth and this time a special luster not show. Instead, much less is known Walton Goggins received almost the first violin for a couple of Jackson, who had not been so dynamic and humorous black. As the only – and no less vile than men – the woman in the company of Jennifer Jason Leigh got enough screen time and very juicy material because it “oskarivska” nomination is very appropriate. Pleasantly surprised and Tatum: He still maintained that can play and still see it in Tarantino quite unusual and therefore interesting.

Summary: brutal, not very pleasant, but certainly noteworthy film of cult filmmakers. To see the children he just will not work, however, will be interesting for those interested in unusual genre experiments with a large dose of nihilism and “black humor”.

The Big Short


Director: Adam McKay
Writers: Charles Randolph (screenplay), Adam McKay (screenplay)
Stars: Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling
Taglines: This is a true story
Genres: Biography | Comedy | Drama
Country: USA

On February 4 the film “The Big Short” is available in Ukraine at the “Planet Cinema”.

In the 2005 financial genius Michael B’yurri able to predict the collapse of the US mortgage market. Several financiers, to understand, what is the essence of the forecast B’yurri decide to play against the rest of the market, earning money for disaster …

The film adaptation of the book by Michael Lewis’ “Great game for a fall. Secret springs of financial disaster. ” Screenwriter Lewis said in an interview that the studio “Paramount” McKay helped remove the “game” in return for the sequel to “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.”
The budget picture – 28 mln. USD. The office of the investment company “Lehman Brothers”, which went bankrupt, reproduced in lobby space of Financial Services of New York in Manhattan. In one scene a few seconds Michael himself appears B’yurri.

The Big Short

As “Focus”, the “oskarivskyy” nominee associated with real history. Or even, in this case, an event that changed many lives and the idea of ​​a modern economy – mortgage crisis in 2008 film in which the characters most of the talking banking terms, however, somewhat stalled only at the beginning and then surely slides well greased rails – and the viewer has with the characters looking forward to a global financial collapse.


It would be good in this waiting, while millions of people lost their jobs, homes, they had to completely change his life. And that is the frame repeatedly mention before how things begin. However, the chosen theme McKay takes so that there can not be a righteous indignation hypocrisy, arrogance and stupidity prosperous members of the system, which has long turned into a bubble. Each one thinks only of personal enrichment, everyone believes that settled extremely well and all his life, and remorse they feel fundamentally that if the system is ready to grant them for fraud such proceeds, everything is as it should be. The painting shows the many members of this group of people, young and elderly, with different mental abilities, but in common they have always – conceit, arrogance, greed and pathological self-righteousness. Therefore, the moment when they finally sit down in the mud, waiting for a sweet treat – and knowing it directed several shows yesterday’s masters living in a sad mood.

The central characters of the film are the same people in stark contrast – it’s outsiders, including laughing colleagues who did not believe bosses and investors, and which, however, proved to be right. All involved in the “game” of wonderful artists kinoakademiki identified Bailey, who in recent years has become one of the most interesting American actors, and it really created a vivid image wise almost autistic who likes to beat on drums at the office. On the other hand, Carell character no less colorful (extremely true-financier brawler), he has more screen time and striking emotional moments. If Steve is a dramatic career move forward so briskly, all soon forget that he was a comedian before.


Gosling also shows a good game, but it just is not surprising, because the role of self-confident businessman, who plays for its benefits to the bank where he works, looks completely out of place. Pitt as a former Wall Street player who is now helping two young talents, recognizable not so easy, and he also managed to create expressive, though somewhat stereotyped image. Actually in this film played well almost all, including quite episodic Tomei and Leo.

The nearest relative “Game for a fall” is, of course, “The Wolf of Wall Street” Scorsese, and this highlights the similarities Margot Robbie appearance in one scene. McKay also chosen satirical, dynamic, sometimes frenetic style presentation, with sarcastic narrator and stars of show business, fingers explain financial schemes. Even still they will not fully understood, the basic idea of ​​the viewer is unlikely to flee as available and thus reasonable morality. All this suggests “game” one of the best films of the year, although, of course, for families with children it is suitable enough.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Director: Michael Bay
Writers: Chuck Hogan (screenplay), Mitchell Zuckoff (book)
Stars: John Krasinski, Pablo Schreiber, James Badge Dale
Genres: Action | Drama | Thriller | War

On January 28 the film “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” is available in Ukraine at the “Planet Cinema”.

2012 Benghazi, Libya. A group of terrorists attacks on the US embassy. Six soldiers of the elite squad ordered to intervene only as a last resort, but the brave soldiers, violating orders, enter into battle with heavily armed militants …
The film is an adaptation of the book Mitchell Zukoffa.

Krasinski, David Denman and Kostabayl previously starred in the television series “The Office.” This is the third tape Bey, based on real events (after “Pearl Harbor” and “blood and sweat”).

Left to right: John Krasinski, James Badge Dale and Director Michael Bay on the set of 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi from Paramount Pictures and 3 Arts Entertainment / Bay Films in theatres January 15, 2016.
Left to right: John Krasinski, James Badge Dale and Director Michael Bay on the set of 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi from Paramount Pictures and 3 Arts Entertainment / Bay Films in theatres January 15, 2016.

The budget picture – 50 mln. USD. Filming began April 27, 2015 in Malta. The premiere was scheduled for December 23, 2015, but later moved to protect themselves from competition from the new “Star Wars.”

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Michael Bay continues to try to prove what can be a serious director. However, this time it does so, removing that he gets the best – shootouts and large explosions.

maxresdefault (1)
Taking the real story of the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Bay did not make it popkornovyy of action, but not “dokrutyv” to complete its military drama. And this incident really gave a chance to do it, because clearly was one of the worst military operations in modern American history. Master epic paintings like Spielberg or Ridley Scott would create another “Saving Private Ryan” and “Black Hawk”, but in the epic at Bay “Transformers” and it superfluous question in his films raise not used. For example, it – maybe not the most important, but this tape is important: what are all these numerous local like from friendly and optimistic (about the same clinical idiocy) American ambassador? For Bey is just a crowd of people with arms that suddenly something began to run and shoot the Americans. And he has no doubt that the ordinance to go with her to a foreign country – this is a wonderful idea, at least when it is done States. As a result, any morality “13 hours” to make hard: just postrilyaly himself, someone killed, the rest flew home.

The fact that the director did not invite stars proven, possible, and good. The bad news is that elected him relatively little-known actors reveal the nature of their characters could not that, in fact, surprising considering how much screen time is devoted to them. They were reduced to cliches, and to distinguish one from the other is almost impossible – and in this case not the slightest meaning of them will die and who will live. All of them – strong, healthy, brave American boys waiting at home all the people … and this is almost nothing to add. Opposing them in the first place is not even armed Libyans (which, as has been said, and some characters will not name), and bureaucrats who initially prohibiting heroes save the ambassador, and can not provide them timely help. Educated intellectuals only prevents – that’s the only life lesson to be learned from the “13 hours” and a lesson in the movie Michael Bay – this is not a surprise.

Results: professionally filmed, but boring and unconvincing attempt to create a military drama with characters and malovyraznymy questions that remain unanswered. Better Bay has filmed a movie about robotomashynok – where he is more in place.

The Finest Hours


The first word that comes to mind after watching this movie – “old-fashioned”. Traditional, almost classical style Hollywood movie about real men, real courage and sense of duty. Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

In the film the two main storylines. The first deals with the disaster that befell the tanker at sea, awaiting rescue team members who remained alive, forced to find ways to hold out as much as possible. Engineer in the performance of Casey Affleck takes over command, showing great intelligence and anfractuosity, while some of his colleagues panic and make rash actions.


The second line – a journey to rescue the tanker team in which all four headed hero Pine. In a terrible storm and with almost complete lack of visibility they go to the most dangerous areas – idea seems almost hopeless, and the main character besides behind the recent failed a similar experience, so some colleagues treat him with suspicion. However, the question to rescue sailors or not, it does not stand, and he even willing to disobey superiors.

There is a line of bride hero Paine, who, fearing for him, fussing, arguing with his superiors and somewhere flies in a car, and still is to a greater extent no love story, a story about two men who made every possible effort to save others, and which, in fact, you’ll meet in the final moments of the film.

Ray Sybert (Casey Affleck) and Tchuda Southerland (Josh Stewart) struggle to keep their ship, the SS Pendleton, from sinking in Disney's THE FINEST HOURS, the heroic action-thriller presented in Digital 3D (TM) and IMAX (c) 3D based on the extrordinary tur story of the most daring rescue mission in the history of the Coast Guard.
Ray Sybert (Casey Affleck) and Tchuda Southerland (Josh Stewart) struggle to keep their ship, the SS Pendleton, from sinking in Disney’s THE FINEST HOURS, the heroic action-thriller presented in Digital 3D (TM) and IMAX (c) 3D based on the extrordinary tur story of the most daring rescue mission in the history of the Coast Guard.

For Paine, who in recent years have repeatedly contended that may well play a very different role, absolutely correct image of the savior too simple, so surprising he “Against storm” does not show. Affleck pretty well lost the second main role; Bana fully in place as not very competent chief protagonist, like Foster in the role of one of the sailors. Working Holiday Granger, as has been said, has been reduced mainly to the turmoil, although the chemistry of Pine in the first third of the picture it was very good.

Ray Sybert (Casey Affleck) struggles to keep his ship, the SS Pendleton, from sinking in Disney's THE FINEST HOURS, the heroic action-thirller presented in Digital 3D (TM) and IMAX(c) 3D based on the extraordinary true story of the most daring rescue in the history of the Coast Guard.
Ray Sybert (Casey Affleck) struggles to keep his ship, the SS Pendleton, from sinking in Disney’s THE FINEST HOURS, the heroic action-thirller presented in Digital 3D (TM) and IMAX(c) 3D based on the extraordinary true story of the most daring rescue in the history of the Coast Guard.

The result: old-fashioned, but rather qualitative adaptation of real history, which has asked to be transferred to the screen “dream factory”. Not outstanding, but powerful film about courage and self-sacrifice makes it easy to spend two hours and not meant for more.thumbnail_22506